Car Games No Longer A Mystery

Car Games No Longer A Mystery

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Drifting is a motor sport where the focus is on technique rather than being the first to cross the finish line. It refers to sliding a car through corners while maintaining control of the car. The point is to have the rear wheels slip at a greater angle than the front wheels. That is when the car is considered to be drifting in a power-slide, which causes the tires to smoke. The racing league in Japan, where drifting was born, is called the D1 Grand Prix. It began more than thirty years ago and was popularized internationally by Kunimitsu Takahashi, also known as the Dori-Kin ("Drift King" in Japanese). Naturally, he was driving the classic Toyota Corolla AE86, fully equipped with genuine Toyota Corolla parts. The car was light weight and had a rear wheel drive configuration, which made it a popular choice among Japanese street racers. In 1996, drifting made its way to Willow Springs, California, where an event was sponsored by the Japanese Drifting Magazine.

The Toyota Corolla AE86 continues with its rather large fan base because it is an affordable drift car capable of holding its own during competitions amidst more expensive and more powerful sports cars in D1 Grand Prix and Formula D drifting events. What makes this even more spectacular is the fact that the AE86 has less than half of the horsepower of most of the newer models. To keep it running at peak optimal performance, drivers use genuine Toyota Corolla parts on their drifting cars. The AE86 is also popular in Japanese anime and in many racing video games in the US, including Electronic Art's Need for Speed franchise, Microsoft's Forza Motorsport franchise, Namcos The Fast and the Furious (PS2), and Segas Initial D Arcade Stage.

The car's popularity has reached cult status in Japan, and is now a very expensive car to purchase if it's over 20 years old, and if you can find one for sale. If you're lucky enough to own one, make sure that it is top performance condition by using Toyota parts. The Corolla AE86 is still considered one of the finest Drifting cars. Other popular Toyota Drift cars are the Alteza, the Cressida (JZX), the Supra, the MR2, and the Soarer. According to the "Daily Yomiuri," the Corolla is the worlds best-selling car ever. Launched in 1966, it became Japans best selling car in 1969, and has been ever since, with the exception of 2001 and 2002, with over 30 million sold.

The Toyota Corolla AE86 is truly a classic drift car that will not be overlooked or forgotten any time soon. As one avid fan puts it, "Supercars may come and go but there will never be a replacement for the Toyota Corolla AE-86. It has already became a legend." The Toyota Company was originally named for its founder, Mr. Kiichiro Toyoda, in 1937. The name was changed to Toyota, partly because it was easier to pronounce, and maybe even because the spelling of Toyota, which takes eight strokes to write in Japanese, is considered to be luckier than Toyoda. I can't help but wonder if Mr. Toyoda had any idea what an influence his company would have on society, not just in Japan, but on a global scale, and especially in the U.S.